Membranes & Filter Cartridge

We Can Supply high quality membrane & filter cartridge :

RO Membrane : Hydronaustic
MBR : Torray
UF Membrane : Wavecyber
Filter Cartridge : 0,1 – 20 Micron

Special Formulation Chemical

Chemical with special formulation with friendly and negotiable prices

Water Treatment Chemical :
Coagulant, Flocculant, Disinfection, pH, Oxidant Chemical
Boiler, Cooling Tower:
Anti Scalant, BioCide, Anti Rust, Anti Fungi
Cleaning :
Oil Spill Cleaner, RO Cleaning, Clog Removal, Odor Absorber, Organic Material Remover
Oilfield Chemical :
Parrafin Solvent, Reverse Demulsifier, AsphalteneDispersane and Others

Filter Media

We’re Ready to help you in calculate and Supply various high quality filter media, such as

– Ferolite
– Manganesse Zeolite
– Antrachite
– Sand Silica Gravel
– Carbon Active (Powder & Granule)
– Pyrolox
– And others media filter